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Consulting Services

We agree choosing a CRM for your organization is not easy. That is why we help you understand the process that will enable your organization improving productivity and encompass the most important components for profitability and process sustainability.

Process Improvement

Traditional Methods are long gone and forgotten, let us assist you by providing you with an approach that will enable success, growth and enable you to create an employee centric organization, where employees deliver as expected. Results are driven with the right tools in place and not just by vision.

Application Integration

Why to buy an expensive CRM to allow a unified platform approach when we can deliver the same with in your existing infrastructure. KonnectForce CRM is an open source platform that can integrate with the existing set of applications and software’s. Konnectforce CRM can be integrated with any Financial Application, Order Management system, Ticketing application, HR Management Application, etc.

CRM Pilot

If still not convinced, then call us for a free evaluation. KonnectForce CRM pilot is delivered after multiple stages and outcomes are met, First Consulting, Requirement Gathering , Gap Analysis and focus on areas of Process Improvement ; finally Pilot deployment with minimal integration which may be required and will help an organization calculate the ROI on our CRM.

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