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Sales Force Automation

Marketing automation refers to automating the process of sending your marketing communications.

Instead of a manual process that's time-consuming and subject to human error,

Marketing automation solutions, offered by KonnectForce CRM , enable you to create sophisticated and engaging campaigns that automatically respond to customer / prospect behaviours, lifecycle segments and other criteria.

One of the beauties of marketing automation software is that companies can use it in myriad ways to meet their specific needs. But in general, companies employ it to do some combination of creating, executing, managing and measuring online marketing programs.

Create: Using today's powerful marketing automation tools, you can build and test emails, microsites, surveys, etc. and incorporate personalization and customization to better engage customers. It's also key to the often-overlooked "capture" side of lead management, allowing you to design Web forms and determine what questions should be asked—and in what order—based on website visitors' actions.

Execute: Send automated mailings via coordinated multitrack drip-marketing email campaigns. This allows you to reap the benefits of reaching large numbers of people with engaging, relevant one-to-one messaging.

Manage: Marketers use automation to apply lead scoring, monitor leads through the sales cycle and tweak campaigns to keep leads flowing. You can communicate with sales through integration with CRM applications and juggle multichannel campaigns to ensure you're connecting with customers as effectively as possible.

Measure: Where and how wisely is your money being spent? With marketing automation, you can run a variety of reports that measure numerous metrics. Need to know what a lead's first touch point was? Compare different campaigns to one another?
Marketing automation platforms can help you access this information.

"Optimize the entire marketing process, from campaign planning to execution to analysis , with marketing automation."

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